fitness motivation

7 Unheard of Tips about Fitness Motivation

1. Most people start a new fitness program already knowing they are going to fail.

The issue is rarely related to your ability to follow through. Fitness motivation is all about inner conflict. Essentially a part of you isn’t interested in becoming more fit!

In fact, this part of you would prefer your present, non-fit state and all that goes along with it. This is your familiar rut.

2. You probably feel unsafe being fit.

Who knows what your unconscious mind is cooking up, right? You may feel that you couldn’t handle being attractive again. You may believe you’d become callous and arrogant if you were in shape again.

Bottom line: It probably feels dangerous to you (at some level) to get into shape.

3. Just do it still matters.

Even when you deal with the above issues, you still have to just do it. You’re probably in the habit of laying around on your arse, right? Your body doesn’t want to subject itself to the physical rigors of a good workout simply because it’s not in the habit of doing so.

Just do it. After a while, you’ll crave working about, assuming points 1-2 are squared away.

4. Try Hypnosis

Hypnosis for weight loss? It’s for real. Check out the iNLP Center free hypnosis mp3 for weight loss. It will rock your mind.

The trick with hypnosis is to find the right recording for you and use it daily. This requires no effort whatsoever, so if you won’t even do that, see points 1-2 above.

5. Make it a (blah blah blah) Lifestyle

We’ve all heard the blah blah blah about making health and fitness a lifestyle. Well, it’s true. And your weight loss efforts? All the crappy food and beverages you need to cut out?

Here’s the news:

It never ends. You’ll need to watch yourself for the rest of your life. Done. Now, make fitness your life! As Jack Lalanne was fond of saying…

Life is an athletic event. Train hard.

Jack Lalanne

6. Every Day Count when it comes to Fitness Motivation

So you’ll start your program tomorrow? Bull. This is an excuse that you are so likely to make again. Just look at how many times you’ve made it in the past.

Today is the only day that matters. Put together months or years of today and you will have the results of the decision you make today! Today is all you have. Everything else is an excuse to hurt yourself.

7. Commit, Shut Up, and Enjoy the Ride

My friend Darin Starr of Five Starr Physique laid this one on me. I was complaining about this or that – telling him how I tend to make excuses. And he hit me with fitness motivation tip #7.

It’s going to be hard. Fitness requires sacrifice. That sacrifice will be required when it’s the last thing you want to do. All of your emotions will be saying, “Screw it! I can eat whatever I want!”

And you’ll need to shut yourself up.